µ-Bead Technology

Microbial Seed Inoculants using µ-bead technology

Microbial coatings of seeds are systemic and economical approach for delivery biologicals to fields. This approach offers efficient delivery of beneficial microbes close to the root zone, where they can colonize and promote nutrient uptake as well as offer protection against seed borne pathogens and pests. Direct application of biologicals to the seeds reduce the amount carrier materials used and hence minimum burden on soil. The commercialization of this methodology is hindered by poor shelf life of the microbes, their compatibility with chemical pesticides and insecticides and loss of viable cells during coating process.

µ-bead is patented technology for enhancing the shelf life and chemical compatibility of microbes making it ideal for seed inoculation. µ-beads are microbes enclosed in a biocompatible layer, when applied, releases microbes in a controlled form. Their controlled release property allows microbes to be formulated with growth simulants and fungicides, which otherwise could affect their compatibility. µ-beads also maintain the physical stability of microbes for up to 2 years. The µ-beads minimize water loss from microbes when blended with carrier material thus improving the shelf life of the microbes.

Benefits of µ-Bead Technology

  • Improved shelf of the product up to two years
  • Improved shelf of the microbes after coating on seeds
  • Compatibility with insecticides and fungicides
  • protective layer is biocompatible and does not interfere with seed germination process

Figure 1: µ-bead showing microbes (blue) enclosed in a protective layer (yellow).

The shelf life of conventional bio-fertilizers (uncoated or naked cells) has product shelf life of 9 months with minimum cell count of 106 cfu/g of product, whereas, the µ-beads has a shelf life of 2 years with minimum cell count of 107 cfu/g of product.

Products Developed

  • Nitroboost –Biological nitrogen fixer for all cereals, oil seeds, fruits and vegetable crops
  • Nodrich – Biological nitrogen fixer for pulses
  • Smart seed –Biological NPK for all crops

How to use our product for seed treatment?

Dosage – 10 g/ acre

  1. Prepare seed coating mixture by adding µ-beads (10 g) to recommended quantity of Biofix solution and mix thoroughly.
  2. Add required quantity of insecticide or fungicide recommended for one acre of seeds to the seed coating mixture and mix thoroughly.
  3. Finally add the seed coating mixture to seeds recommended for one acre.
  4. Mix well and shade dry for 15-20 minutes before sowing.

Figure 3: Seed coating process