B2B Services

Product formulations

Our experts offer a customized solution for mass multiplication of microbial cultures through liquid and solid-state fermentation. We offer customized biological formulations catering to different agro-climatic conditions, cultivation practices, animal species and diet type.

TBS has a vast range of culture collections and microbial derivate for application in Agriculture and animal nutrition. Our portfolio comprises of,

Product type
  • Microbial Culture
  • Metabolites and Enzymes
Animal health
  • Lactobacillus spp.
    Bacillus spp.
    Saccharomyces spp.
  • Proteases

Unique from Us

Our microbial formulation can be tailored to withstand broad pH range, temperature, and extended shelf life. Our products are custom made to suit your quality standards. Our cultures can be offered as,

1. Talc/Granular/liquid based products

Bulk volume with one-year shelf life

2. Freeze dried products

Low volume high concentrated products with 18 months shelf life

3. Thermostable microencapsulated products (u beads).

  1. Low volume high concentrated products
  2. Shelf life of 2 years
  3. Bio-fertilizers can be formulated to be compatible with certain fungicides and insecticides.
  4. Probiotics can withstand broad pH range and accelerated temperature.

Manufacturing facilities

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities is one of its kind in India. An exclusive manufacturing facility is created on a 7500 + square foot floor area that houses advanced bioreactors and solid-state production units. We ensure quality by offering separate infrastructure for individual products. Our facilities incorporate 24 h monitoring of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and other operational physical parameters to support a viable environment for the growth of bio fertilizers. We have implemented GLP & GMP standards assuring high quality and environmentally friendly products. Our plant operations are environment-friendly that uses steam generators to save operation energy.

In addition, our strain’s viability and virulence are monitored periodically at molecular and in vivo to ensure consistency in product performance.

Our Production facility can offer,

  1. Fermenters for microbial cell culture
  2. Solid state fungal culturing systems
  3. Microbial purification using centrifugal systems
  4. Metabolites extraction using filtration systems.
  5. Dryers for heat tolerant products
  6. Dryers for heat labile products
  7. Powder blenders
  8. Granulator
  9. Automatic liquid filling systems
  10. Powder packing systems