Organic Nutrients

Organic Nutrients

Chelated nutrients are inorganic metal nutrients that are encased in organic molecules. The organic molecules around the metal allow a plant to readily absorb the chelated nutrients because they change the micronutrient’s surface property and facilitate the uptake efficiency of the plant. The organic surface molecules of the chelated nutrients can easily penetrate the waxy coating of a plant’s foliage so the plant can quickly utilize the valuable nutrients.

Gluconic acid surrounds the
inorganic nutrients, forming weak bonds – effectively giving the nutrient an organic coating.

  • The unique chelation process enables the chelated nutrient to be better utilized by
  • The chelating agent acts as a delivery mechanism as it conveys the nutrient to its
    ultimate destination – the plant root or the leaf cell.
  • The chelated nutrients improve the bioavailability of micronutrients and contributes
    to the productivity and profitability of commercial crop production.


  • Reduced assimilation time
  • Cost effective
  • Minimize loss on product administered
  • Environmental friendly
  • Compatible with insecticides and fungicides