Bio Wet

BIO WET (Foliar)

Wetting Agent

BIO WET is all-purpose, low foam, non ionic, spreader, sticker activator and translocator with special resin fastener for use on soil and plant leaf surface to maximize efficiency of all pesticides and spray fluids


Compatible with pesticides and foliar fertilizers.

Dosage: 25-50 ML in 100 L of water

Packing Quantity: 500 ML and 1 L


  • Increase the performance and efficiency of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and agricultural growth promoting products
  • Improves and promotes rapid wetting, sticking and absorption of each product
  • Compatible with all agricultural chemicals
  • Ensures uniform distribution of growth promoting substances and other sprays on leaf surface
  • Improve spray coverage area
  • When BIO WET is mixed with the pesticide, it helps in more retention on leaf surface and thus translocation of pesticide into leaf